Banner - Walkway Trip Hazard Repair in Duluth, GA

Walkway Trip Hazard Repair in Duluth, GA

Body - Walkway Trip Hazard Repair in Duluth, GA

Commercial & Industrial Concrete Leveling

Recently GCS was called by one of our property management customers. One of their medical building complexes had several trip hazards on the walkways and main entrance. We were able to lift and level the slabs by injecting Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430.

Polyurethane Slab Lifting Procedures

The slab lifting process is completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Complete a thorough site evaluation
  2. Saw cut joints if necessary, to release any bound slabs
  3. Determine an injection point sequence, based on conditions
  4. Drill the initial injection holes, starting at the lowest point on the slab
  5. Inject AP Lift polymers in controlled short bursts
  6. Monitor for lift with Zip levels, dial indicator, or laser transit
  7. Observe slab for evidence of cracking or binding while lifting
  8. Drill and inject additional holes as necessary to level the slab

Efficient Slab Lifting Solution

The high-density expanding polyurethane foam made quick work of the concrete lifting project. We were able to eliminate all the trip hazards by lunchtime and avoided any downtime to the tenants. Call us for a free assessment of your commercial property, we’d love the opportunity to help!