Atlanta Area Pool Deck Repair

We recently repaired a pool deck in the Atlanta area.  We’re going to break down the job for you in today’s blog post…

Sinking Pool Deck

There was a void underneath and sinking pool deck slabs on the side of the pool opposite the house.  The slabs on the opposite side of the house often sink because soil is often added during pool construction.  The added soil on the side of the house usually doesn’t anywhere due the house wall holding it in place.  If the soil on the other side has no barrier, it can often start to wash out.  This can create voids and stability issues for your pool deck.

Pool Deck Repair

We repaired the problem by first filling the void with high strength polyurethane foam, and then leveling the sunken slabs.  The foam strengthens the soil as it cures, to prevent it from washing out.  In addition to the incredible strength of the foam, its light weight provides an advantage over alternate methods such as “mudjacking” with cementitious grout.  Heavier cement-based grouts will often sink or slide over time.

An additional advantage was the reduction of trip hazards due the leveling of the slabs.  Potential injury and litigation risks due to unlevel slabs were eliminated.

This repair took a maximum of about 6 hours.  The pool deck was ready for use 30 minutes after the crew cleaned up and left.  The customer was happy with the efficient and thorough repair job.

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