Void Fill Under Stoop in John’s Creek

Body - Void Fill Under Stoop in John’s Creek

A homeowner in John’s Creek, GA recently reached out to Ground Consolidation Services after noticing a significant soil void under his front porch stoop. This is a common issue we see throughout the residential market across Georgia, usually as a result of poor drainage, grading, or a combination of both.

A typical way of tackling ongoing water-induced erosion is removing and replacing the stoop entirely, but this is incredibly costly and requires pulling out a perfectly well-built structure in the front of your home.

GCS, fortunately, offers a cheaper and wiser alternative. The homeowner called in GCS, and once on site, the crew recommended using Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-density polyurethane foam to fill the void. We quickly drove injection pipes into the deepest part of the soil and filled the entire void with AP Lift 430. This expanding structural foam is known for compacting the surrounding soil and creating a solid, impermeable mass that will support the stoop for many years to come.

The resident was thrilled that GCS completed the repair in 1 hour, preventing not only a stoop collapse, but also a complete replacement!

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Saving a Luxury Buckhead Penthouse from Costly Water Damage (Just in Time!)

Body - Saving a Luxury Buckhead Penthouse from Costly Water Damage - Just in TimeGround Consolidation Services was recently called in to seal off a rain-induced ceiling leak in a new construction high rise penthouse suite in Buckhead. Sealing off the water intrusion from the roof above was not an option, due to the rooftop swimming pool directly above the penthouse. So, we had to get into the ceiling from the interior of the suite and inject from the underside.

We injected Spetec PUR F400, a water-reactive, hydrophobic, flexible, single component polyurethane resin. This product is ideal for sealing off active leaks in cracks. In this case, the leak was shut down in less than two minutes. This all went down literally right before the new tenant was scheduled to begin moving in. (No pressure there!)

We are constantly amazed by the wide variety of scenarios in which we’re able to utilize these products. No two days are the same and they’re definitely never dull!

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Concrete Leveling at Ponce City Market in Atlanta

Ground Consolidation Services was called in to eliminate trip hazards at the popular Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta recently. There were a couple of areas of heavily traveled walkway that had settled over time to the point of becoming a trip hazard. The property management team was diligent in recognizing these issues early before repair became more invasive as well as more expensive. More importantly, they addressed the issue before any accidents occurred which would undoubtedly be followed by costly litigation. Oftentimes we see trip hazards removed by simply grinding down the concrete. While in the short term this may work it does not address the reason the concrete is sinking in the first place and eventually you run out of concrete to grind. Injecting our high strength polyurethane foam through the concrete via small 3/8 inch holes fills any voids, compacts unstable soil, and lifts the concrete back to its original position. Trip and fall lawsuits are a big business however they can be easily avoided with a little property maintenance. If you notice any uneven or sinking concrete around your properties give us a call for a free evaluation. We would love to help!

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Leveling and Stabilizing a Factory Floor

Body - Leveling & Stabilizing a Factory Floor

Recently Ground Consolidation Services was contacted by a South Carolina engineering and contracting firm for some help at an industrial food grade production plant. Due to poor compaction of the soils under the slab, cracking and settlement occurred. This was especially problematic because large injection mold machines sit atop this area and have to be level to work properly. Obviously having machines of this nature not running is quite costly to a production facility.

It was determined that soft unstable soils existed as far as 5 feet below the surface. GCS performed a series of deep soil injections using Alchemy-Spetec's AP Lift 475, a high- strength hydro-insensitive polyurethane foam capable of supporting 14,000 lbs per square foot. The deep soil injection process used in this application is a form of compaction grouting designed to squeeze the loose soils in a confined space. Once the soil was stabilized, we injected directly through the slabs in order to lift them back to their original level position.

The facility engineers and managers were thrilled to get the machines back online, not to mention all this was done by lunchtime! These issues are all too common and unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that these less invasive, less costly, and less time-consuming repair options are available. The alternative to our method would have been removal and replacement of the concrete. Could you just imagine the time, cost, and mess (especially in a food-grade facility)? If you see signs of concrete settlement, such as cracking or uneven joints, give us a call for a free evaluation!

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Stabilizing Soil and Lifting Slabs at an Atlanta Shopping Center

This past week a popular shopping center in the Buckhead area of Atlanta called in Ground Consolidation Services to perform polyurethane injections for the purpose of slab lifting and soil stabilization. We were referred to the property management team by NOVA Engineering, one of the south’s premier engineering firms. There were several areas throughout the shopping area that were suffering from unstable soil issues under the concrete. In some areas we injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 directly through the slabs for the purpose of lifting and eradicating trip hazards. In other areas where the soil issues lie deeper we performed subsurface polyurethane injections through pipes. The deep injection process of our expanding structural foam squeezes and combines with the loose soils therefore stabilizing the concrete above from any future settlement. If you notice settling concrete around your property don’t wait to do something about it as it will undoubtedly get worse and cost you more in the long run.

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Crawlspace Void Fill to Stabilize Restaurant Foundation

Body - Crawlspace in Restaurant

We got a call from the owners of a fast-food restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK. They had a problem with their crawlspace because the entire steel foundation framework was compromised by oxidation and time.

A local structural engineer recommended filling the entire 4,500 cubic foot crawlspace with Alchemy-Spetec's AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam. It was either that or completely tearing down the structure to rebuild a new foundation framework, which could take forever. The restaurant was already suffering from lack of business as a result of COVID-19 so they needed it fixed ASAP. They called on Ground Consolidation Services for help.

Our crew arrived at the site quickly and got to work. We applied the AP Lift 430 to the entire crawlspace to support the structure. Our team of professionals efficiently filled the 4,500 cubic foot crawlspace with the expanding polyurethane structural resin. Thankfully, our experts completed the job and had the restaurant running again in two days! The restaurant's employees, management, and ownership were grateful for the excellent job we did in such a short time.

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Driveway Repair in Flowery Branch, GA

Body-Driveway Repair Flower Branch GARecently, a couple in Flowery Branch, GA reached out to us about their sunken driveway. They had been working from home, no thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic when they began to notice that their driveway was sinking. Their house is located on a hill and due to poor compaction during construction, the driveway gradually began to sink and slide down the hill. To make matters worse, their walkway was also sinking and had become a trip hazard.

The Ground Consolidation Services crew showed up for the appointment prepared and ready to observe all GCS COVID-19 Safety Guidelines. The driveway repair was the easiest part for us. We started by drilling small non-invasive 3/8” holes into the slab. Next, we injected Alchemy Spetec's AP Lift 430 high strength polyurethane foam through the injection holes. The expanding structural foam travels the path of least resistance, therefore, filling all void areas as well as compacting any loose soil under the slab. Once the soil is compacted the expansion of the foam allows us to lift the slab as close to the original position as possible. In this case, we were able to raise the slab to within an eighth of an inch of its original position.

We inspected the walkway and observed that it had settled about 1.5” into the soil. That wasn't all. The edge of the sunken part of the slab had also wedged under an adjacent level section. This damage was a result of poor drainage as well as compaction issues.

To repair the damage, we had to saw-cut at the point of the failed expansion joint located between the two concrete slab sections. This freed up the sunken slab for us to perform the lifting process. We carried out the same steps as the driveway repair by drilling 3/8” holes in the slab and injecting AP Lift 430 to level it with the other section.

The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome!

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Step Repair in Duluth, GA

Step Repair in Duluth, GAWe got a call from a couple who happen to be teachers living in the suburbs of Duluth, GA. They had discovered a challenge with the stairs at the front of their stoop. There was a gap between the stoop and steps measuring about 1 and a quarter inches.

Our experts at Ground Consolidation Services arrived at the scene ASAP. After inspecting, we observed that the steps had also rotated a little in the opposite direction of the house. The soil underneath the steps was unstable because of inadequate compaction during construction.

We began work on the steps by drilling small 3.8 inch holes, just enough for us to inject Alchemy Spetec's AP Lift 430 polyurethane material through them. Other materials like cement grout would require considerably more space. The AP Lift 430 we injected gently raised the step back up.

We also used a mechanical jack system to manipulate the steps into position as part of the lifting process. We attached the jack to the step to apply pressure, forcing the steps to rotate back to their original position during the lifting process. We rounded up the procedure by sealing the access holes.

After the procedure, the stairs were level and in their normal position - in place with the stoop. The couple was very happy with the outcome. They were amazed at how we accurately returned the stairs to their original position in such a short time. GCS helped them to take care of a hazard and saved them time!

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