Avoid the Voids!

We’ve posted a few articles so far on the subject of filling dangerous voids with polyurethane – and for good reason!  As we state on our website’s Filling Voids page:

Undetected voids are a silent threat that can cause slabs and structures to sink or collapse without warning. Neglect can result in serious injury, litigation and even death.  GCS can protect your property and assets from these possibilities with the latest void detection and repair technologies.

Needless to say, this is serious business. Let’s take a look at some essential information excerpted from void fill blog posts we’ve published so far.

Filling Voids with Polyurethane Foam in Atlanta

There are many areas in which soil voids in and around structures may present a danger to the building and/or the people inhabiting the space. Sometimes these voids aren’t even noticed until damage has been done to the structure.  For example, a slab sinks after soil beneath it erodes away and forms a void.  Or a crack appears in a wall because the foundation is sinking due to voids in the soil that was once supporting it.  Pool decks can crack and large sections can sink due to voids appearing underneath.  This can cause a dangerous trip hazard for people using the pool.  Rocking slabs in a warehouse or factory floor can also be a sign of voids underneath. In all these cases, safety can be returned to the structures by filling the voids with high-strength polyurethane foam (and then lifting the slab or structure if needed).

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Filling Dangerous Voids Under Garage Slabs

Large gaps in the soil beneath the floor of your garage are a red-alert problem for variety of reasons:

  • Your garage floor is likely supporting a vehicle. We link to this video quite often, but it is very relevant here: click to view cars falling through a collapsing floor. You definitely do not want this happening in your garage.
  • Many people store valuable tools and equipment in their garage. How much did all your tools, your riding lawnmower, and all that other equipment cost you?
  • People are more valuable than any car or piece of equipment could ever be. Don’t put your family and friends at risk.

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Excessive Rain Creates Dangerous Voids Under Slabs & Structures

Excessive rain can often lead to soil washout underneath slabs and structures.  The voids created by soil washout can lead to sinking or, in some cases, dangerous collapse of the slab or even the structure itself.

Properties with healthy and adequate drainage systems (French drains, catch basins, etc) are the least likely to be affected by heavy rainfall.  However, clogged drainage systems, improperly designed systems, or in the worst case – properties with NO drainage system, all pose a significant risk during periods of excessive rain.

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Undetected Voids Can Lead to Catastrophic Slab Failure

See this photo? Take a close look. You do not want this happening to your slab. Injury and litigation risks are a very real possibility for property owners who neglect inspection of the soil beneath their slabs. Even if your slabs are level, you may still want to get the soil underneath checked out. Unstable soil eventually causes structural cracking, cave-ins, and sinkholes. Read more from the post, Undetected Voids Can Lead to Catastrophic Slab Failure…

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