Crawlspace Void Fill to Stabilize Restaurant Foundation

We got a call from the owners of a fast-food restaurant in Oklahoma City, OK. They had a problem with their crawlspace because the entire steel foundation framework was compromised by oxidation and time.

A local structural engineer recommended filling the entire 4,500 cubic foot crawlspace with Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam. It was either that or completely tearing down the structure to rebuild a new foundation framework, which could take forever. The restaurant was already suffering from lack of business as a result of COVID-19 so they needed it fixed ASAP. They called on Ground Consolidation Services for help.

Our crew arrived at the site quickly and got to work. We applied the AP Lift 430 to the entire crawlspace to support the structure. Our team of professionals efficiently filled the 4,500 cubic foot crawlspace with the expanding polyurethane structural resin. Thankfully, our experts completed the job and had the restaurant running again in two days! The restaurant’s employees, management, and ownership were grateful for the excellent job we did in such a short time.

Driveway Repair in Flowery Branch, GA

Recently, a couple in Flowery Branch, GA reached out to us about their sunken driveway. They had been working from home, no thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic when they began to notice that their driveway was sinking. Their house is located on a hill and due to poor compaction during construction, the driveway gradually began to sink and slide down the hill. To make matters worse, their walkway was also sinking and had become a trip hazard.

The Ground Consolidation Services crew showed up for the appointment prepared and ready to observe all GCS COVID-19 Safety Guidelines. The driveway repair was the easiest part for us. We started by drilling small non-invasive 3/8” holes into the slab. Next, we injected Alchemy Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high strength polyurethane foam through the injection holes. The expanding structural foam travels the path of least resistance, therefore, filling all void areas as well as compacting any loose soil under the slab. Once the soil is compacted the expansion of the foam allows us to lift the slab as close to the original position as possible. In this case, we were able to raise the slab to within an eighth of an inch of its original position.

We inspected the walkway and observed that it had settled about 1.5” into the soil. That wasn’t all. The edge of the sunken part of the slab had also wedged under an adjacent level section. This damage was a result of poor drainage as well as compaction issues.

To repair the damage, we had to saw-cut at the point of the failed expansion joint located between the two concrete slab sections. This freed up the sunken slab for us to perform the lifting process. We carried out the same steps as the driveway repair by drilling 3/8” holes in the slab and injecting AP Lift 430 to level it with the other section.

The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome!

Step Repair in Duluth, GA

We got a call from a couple who happen to be teachers living in the suburbs of Duluth, GA. They had discovered a challenge with the stairs at the front of their stoop. There was a gap between the stoop and steps measuring about 1 and a quarter inches.

Our experts at Ground Consolidation Services arrived at the scene ASAP. After inspecting, we observed that the steps had also rotated a little in the opposite direction of the house. The soil underneath the steps was unstable because of inadequate compaction during construction.

We began work on the steps by drilling small 3.8 inch holes, just enough for us to inject Alchemy Spetec’s AP Lift 430 polyurethane material through them. Other materials like cement grout would require considerably more space. The AP Lift 430 we injected gently raised the step back up.

We also used a mechanical jack system to manipulate the steps into position as part of the lifting process. We attached the jack to the step to apply pressure, forcing the steps to rotate back to their original position during the lifting process. We rounded up the procedure by sealing the access holes.

After the procedure, the stairs were level and in their normal position – in place with the stoop. The couple was very happy with the outcome. They were amazed at how we accurately returned the stairs to their original position in such a short time. GCS helped them to take care of a hazard and saved them time!

Leak Seal and Void Fill of Detention Pond Pipes in Duluth, GA

Recently we got a call from the President of a home owners association in Duluth, GA.  The bottom of a large culvert pipe in a detention pond had decayed to the point that it was leaking massive amounts of water into the surrounding soil.  A critically important standpipe was then threatened by a soil void caused by this water leak.

Ground Consolidation Services injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high strength polyurethane foam through the bottom of the pipe (see photo included with this article) to form a leak seal barrier and return the culvert to its full functionality.  We then injected the foam into the void around the standpipe.  Filling this void and compacting the surrounding soil created a solid impermeable mass that will support the standpipe for years to come.

This waterway leads to the Chattahoochee river, so we made sure to use a foam that was NSF approved for contact with drinking water.  Environmental safety is a top priority for GCS.

The home owners association President was thrilled that this repair was accomplished without large machinery and/or the full replacement of the pipes.  GCS saved them lots of time and money!

GCS Lifts Sunken Steps for Multiple Homeowners Association Members in Hoschton, GA

A neighborhood homeowners association member in Hoschton, GA recently found GCS via Facebook.  Multiple homeowners in the same general area had problems with their front steps sinking.  GCS was called in to perform an inspection and provide a free repair estimate.  The estimator determined that repairs were possible and GCS crew were called in to do the job.

GCS crew used a mechanical jack to lift the steps close to level. They then injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 to finish the leveling process and secure the steps in place.  GCS has performed this procedure for seven homes in the same subdivision so far.  All steps have been leveled perfectly. Residents so far have been very pleased with the results.

Commercial – Industrial Slab & Concrete Repair

The photos in the graphic to the right depict two nightmare scenarios that no commercial – industrial property owner or manager wants to endure:

  • A Collapsed Slab
  • Cracked Concrete

Gound Consolidation Services can repair slabs in danger of collapse, lift sunken slabs, and repair cracked concrete. The state of the art polyurethane, polyurea and epoxies we use allow us to offer you the following advantages:

  • No Excavation
  • No Demolition in Most Cases
  • Clean, Fast, and Environmentally Friendly
  • No Heavy Equipment Required
  • No Permitting Required in Most Cases


Settled Slabs Cause…

  • Damage to Material Handling Equipment & Loads
  • Uneven/Unsafe Racking & Shelving
  • Slab Joint Damage (Spalls)
  • Trip Hazards & Litigation Risk

Concrete Cracks Cause…

  • Slab Deterioration Over Time
  • Rocking/Moving Slabs
  • Damage to Material Handling Equipment & Loads
  • Trip Hazards & Litigation Risk


Stabilizing & Lifting Slabs:

Slabs are stabilized and leveled with high strength polyurethane resin. In optimal conditions, slabs can often be lifted to within 1/8” of their original level. Polyurethane slab lifting is much more efficient and a lot less expensive than demolishing and replacing the slab or structure.

Repairing Cracks:

Cracks are repaired with epoxy or polyurethane mortar. The mortar protects the edges of the joints from further chipping and spalling while absorbing the impact of hard-wheeled traffic (forklifts and pallet jacks).

Rebuilding Joint Nosings:
(Spall Repair)

Chipped joint edges, or “spalls”, are removed and the concrete is cut to a 90° angle. The joint nosings are then rebuilt with high-strength polyurethane or epoxy.

Filling Joints:

Deterioration of original joint filler can be repaired with high-strength polyurea. After any chipped edges or spalls are repaired, the deteriorated joints are thoroughly cleaned out. Polyurea is pumped in and then shaved to be level with the surface. The polyurea is tack free within two minutes and traffic ready in an hour. It protects the joints from further deterioration and protects the joint nosings from further damage.

The Ground Penetrating Radar Advantage

What Dangers Lurk Beneath Your Valuable Structures?

The Deep Look wireless ground penetrating radar system uses a patent pending unique triple frequency antenna design to create the most accurate image possible of the area beneath your valuable structures. Conventional single frequency antenna GPR systems cannot deliver the same level of clarity. Ground Consolidation Services will use the Deep Look GPR to take remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process. A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate, durable and lasting repairs.

Free Site Evaluation & Job Estimate

The Deep Look wireless ground penetrating radar system uses a patent pending unique triple frequency antenna design to create the most accurate image possible of the area beneath your valuable structures. Conventional single frequency antenna GPR systems cannot deliver the same level of clarity. Ground Consolidation Services will use the Deep Look GPR to take remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process. A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate, durable and lasting repairs.

Lifting Sunken Steps and Stoop in Avondale Estates, GA

Ground Consolidation Services recently received a call from a real estate who was referred by an engineer.  The real estate agent was prepping a house for sale and noticed a dangerous trip hazard: the enter front stoop was sinking into the ground.  This was definitely a problem the agent needed remedied before the closing.

The GCS crew leveled the entire stoop via the process of polyurethane slab lifting.  This, procedure is more cost efficient than replacing the concrete and less messy than “mudjacking” with cement grout.

With the stoop solidly back in place for the long-term, the real estate agent was able to proceed with another lucrative sale!

Patio Leveling in Alpharetta, GA

Sunken Patio Repair

Ground Consolidation Services recently leveled one end of a concrete patio (with brick overlay) that had settled due to unstable soil.  As you can see from the “before” photo in the included image, a significant gap had appeared between the patio and the bottom edge of the siding on the house.

The suburban family at this residence knew one thing for sure: the siding wasn’t moving upwards.  So, their patio must have been sinking into the ground.  They found Ground Consolidation Services and asked for one of our free – and very thorough – site evaluations.

Polyurethane Concrete Leveling

Once the scope of the problem and the cost of the solution were both clear, they hired GCS to repair the problem.  GCS technicians used Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 polyurethane foam to gradually and carefully lift the patio back to its exact original level.  See the contrast between the “before” and “after” photos.  This powerful polyurethane foam has been used to lift entire small buildings, so there is no doubt about its strength.  Needless to say, the owners of this house were delighted to have their patio repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Garage Floor Depression Leveled in Acworth, GA

Unstable Garage Slabs = Danger

The weight of the average automobile is currently around 4,000 pounds.  When dangerous voids or unstable soil undermine your garage floor slab, you are parking that two ton machine on a surface that could possibly collapse.

Lest you think we’re exaggerating, take a look at this 5th anniversary video of the floor collapse at the National Corvette Museum.  The video contains a recording of the 911 emergency call, juxtaposed against security cam footage of the concrete slab collapsing – taking some Corvettes with it.

Polyurethane Slab Repair

A homeowner in Acworth, GA recently noticed that his garage floor was depressed in the middle – bowing down towards the center of the garage.  He wisely called Ground Consolidation Services.  Our crews used Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 polyurethane foam to stabilize the soil deep beneath the slab and also to lift it back into place.

See the before and after photos: The string was secured at either end of the garage – revealing the 1.75″ depression in the middle of the slab before the repair AND the almost non-existent depression after the repair.

Pool Deck Slab Stabilization & Lift in Hampton, GA

Unstable Pool Deck

Ground Consolidation Services recently sent a crew to repair a pool deck in Hampton, GA.  As you can see from the before and after photos, the concrete slab was cracked and had started separating.  Due to the unstable soil that caused the concrete to break apart, part of the deck was pulling away from the pool liner.  If the liner had breached, the pool water would have started seeping into the soil, further destabilizing everything.

Polyurethane Pool Repair

Fortunately our crew arrived to start the job before the liner was breached.  Our skilled technicians used Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430, a high-strength polyurethane foam, to lift the sunken part of the slab back into place.  Restoring the slab to its original state relieved the pressure on the pool liner, preserving the integrity of the pool and the surrounding soil.