Atlanta Sinkhole Repair Case Study

We recently had a job in which a homeowner was dealing with a 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep sinkhole in her front yard.  She kept having to pay a landscaper to add dirt to it…and it kept on sinking.  The sinkhole was precariously located near her driveway.  The edge of the sinkhole was beginning to create a void underneath the driveway slab, putting the entire driveway at risk.

We drove injection pipes down until they hit solid soil and then injected AP Lift 430, one of the most popular Alchemy-Spetec high-strength lifting foams.  AP Lift 430 is a very light weight foam that is at the same time extremely dense and strong.  This foam provides maximum support with minimum weight (heavier solutions such as cement grout can sink after installation, bringing your slab back down again).  The foam consolidated with the loose soil to form a solid mass and raised it back up to level while keeping the sod (surface grass) intact.

In addition to repairing the sinkhole, we addressed its cause (unstable soil) instead of glossing over the problem by piling more soil on top.  The homeowner was extremely pleased and made it clear that GCS exceeded her expectations.