Soil Testing

Increase Your Real Estate Property Value with Concrete Leveling

Real estate agents and homeowners alike are well advised to consider the condition of driveway, walkway, patio and pool deck slabs when prepping a property for sale.  Sunken slabs are an eyesore and a trip hazard.  Repair with high-strength polyurethane resin is very often less expensive than complete replacement.

Ground Consolidation Services provides free repair estimates.  Our best practices and warranty packages insure a durable and lasting repair.  We offer a complete set of geotech concrete repair services, including slab liftingsoil stabilizationvoid fill, and soil testing.

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Leveling Sunken Driveway Slabs in Atlanta

In most cases, sunken concrete driveway slabs should be repaired the moment you notice them. Settled concrete creates trip hazards for you and your family.  Sunken driveway concrete can damage your valuable vehicles.

Any time you notice these issues on your property, it's important to consider the possibility that deeper soil issues exist.  Sometimes settled concrete is a sign of dangerous voids underneath the slab.  In rare cases, a slab can cave in or completely collapse.

Ground Consolidation Services can perform extensive soil testing to determine the condition of the soil beneath your valuable structures.  When problems are found, we can fill dangerous voidsstabilize soil, and level slabs as needed with high-strength polyurethane foam.

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The Deep Look Ground Penetrating Radar

The Deep Look ground penetrating radar allows Ground Consolidation Services to see what's going on beneath your valuable structures.  If you have soil problems causing sinking or cracking in your concrete, call GCS for a GPR scan.  We can tell you exactly what's going on before doing any work.   As we mention on our Ground Penetrating Radar page...

The Deep Look wireless ground penetrating radar system uses a patent pending unique triple frequency antenna design to create the most accurate image possible of the area beneath your valuable structures. Conventional single frequency antenna GPR systems cannot deliver the same level of clarity. Ground Consolidation Services will use the Deep Look GPR to take remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process. A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate, durable and lasting repairs.

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Lifting Concrete Parking Lot Slabs

Concrete parking lot slabs at convenience stores, gas stations, office parks, shopping malls, apartment complexes, schools, factories, and the ground floors of multi-level parking decks are all vulnerable to settling issues.

If you own or manage properties with concrete parking lot slabs, you would be wise to get the soil beneath those slabs tested on a regular basis.  Ground penetrating radar and other methods can reveal dangerous voids before any problems occur.

If any of the slabs on your property have already started sinking, make sure you understand the trip hazards and litigation risks you now face.  Injuries to customers, employees, and others from trip and fall accidents are much more likely with sunken slabs in your parking lot.  In addition, there is also the risk of vehicle damage.

Ground Consolidation Services offers free repair estimates for sunken slabs and a soil testing and imaging service for preventative measures.  Call 678-337-8374 to talk to a specialist today.

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The Dangers of Neglecting Sunken Slabs

As a property owner or manager, the last thing you want to do when faced with sinking concrete is to ignore the problem.  At there very least, you should get a ground penetrating radar scan to get a sense of the extent of the soil issues.  In this post, we'll review the dangers of neglecting sunken slabs.

Damage to vehicles/equipment.

Unlevel concrete in driveways, factories and warehouses can cause damage to automobiles, fork lifts and other equipment.  Why risk expensive car and/or equipment repairs when you can take care of the cause instead?  Sometimes you're looking at wear and tear over time.  Sometimes you're looking at sudden damage or an accident.  Either way, neglecting the problem is not worth the risk.

Possibility of catastrophic

Sinking concrete could be a sign of a sinkhole beneath your slab or structure.  Not convinced?  Watch this incredible security cam footage of a sinkhole taking out an entire showroom floor at the National Corvette Museum.  The truth is, you have NO way of knowing what lurks beneath your valuable slabs and structures until you get a professional to evaluate the situation.

Trip hazards, injury and liability risks.

For a thorough overview of these subjects, see our blog post Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards and Litigation Risks...

Concrete slabs sink for a variety of reasons.  The result is an eyesore and possibly a trip hazard that could - in a worst case scenario - result in a serious injury, death, and/or a lawsuit. Read more...

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Concrete Leveling for Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties at Risk?

Are sinking slabs or structures putting your commercial property at risk?

Unlevel concrete parking lots, walkways, showroom floors, factory floors, warehouses, loading docks and more can adversely affect your property value and increase the chance of injury and costly litigation.

Concrete Leveling is the Solution

Ground Consolidation Services can scan the soil beneath your slabs and structures with ground penetrating radarfill dangerous voidsstabilize loose soil and lift sunken concrete to restore peace of mind and protect your property values.

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Ground Consolidation Services: What We Do

Ground Consolidation Services lifts slabsstabilizes soil, and fills voids with efficient and durable high-strength polyurethane resin. Prior to the soil repair process, GCS uses the Deep Look GPR system to reveal the full extent of sub-surface problems endangering your slab or structure.

Concrete Leveling

Sunken slabs or structures create trip hazards, liability risks and are often a sign of further damage to come if the problem is left unaddressed. Fortunately, they can be leveled with high strength polyurethane resin. In optimal conditions, slabs and structures can often be lifted to within 1/8” of their original level. Polyurethane slab lifting is much more efficient and a lot less expensive than demolishing and replacing the slab or structure.

Stabilizing Soil

Unstable soil often causes structural cracking, cave-ins, and sinkholes.  Fortunately, soil can be stabilized and water infiltration stopped with polyurethane resins. Once the soil has been consolidated and strengthened, any slabs or structures resting on it can be leveled if needed.

Pressure Grouting

Unstable soil is a constant threat to structures and slabs that depend on a solid foundation. Some problems require compaction grouting (solid columns of grout), while other problems require permeation grouting (grout mixed in with the soil). Both types of pressure grouting provide lasting support for your valuable buildings and infrastructure.

Filling Voids

Undetected voids are a silent threat that can cause slabs and structures to sink or collapse without warning. Neglect can result in serious injury, litigation and even death.  GCS can protect your property and assets from these possibilities with the latest void detection and repair technologies.

Soil Scanning with Radar

The Deep Look wireless ground penetrating radar system uses a patent pending unique triple frequency antenna design to create the most accurate image possible of the area beneath your valuable structures.  Conventional single frequency antenna GPR systems cannot deliver the same level of clarity.  Ground Consolidation Services will use the Deep Look GPR to take remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process.  A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate, durable and lasting repairs.

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Your Best Option for Commercial, Industrial & Municipal Concrete Leveling

Warehouse floors, factory floors, showroom floors, shopping mall walkways, gas station parking lots, apartment community walkways, school walkways, airport runways, power plant floors and water plant floors are just a few places where concrete slabs can be found in the commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.  Sunken slabs pose both injury and litigations risks.

If you manage a property that falls under one of these categories, you will need a concrete leveling contractor equipped to handle big jobs.  The crew at Ground Consolidation Services has extensive experience on large-scale projects.  We offer the following services to managers and owners of all types of property...

Soil Imaging and Testing for Dangerous Voids

Slab & Structure Leveling

Soil Stabilization

Void Filling

Pressure Grouting

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Loading Dock and Ramp Repair for Sinking or Unstable Slabs

Loading docks and ramps are often the most actively used parts of a warehouse. With heavy equipment and cargo traversing those areas on a regular basis, it's not uncommon to see slab issues. Rocking slabs, cracked slabs and sunken slabs are common signs of soil and support problems. Ground Consolidation Services can detect dangerous voids or unstable soil beneath your loading dock and ramp slabs. Once detected, we can stabilize and/or lift the slabs as needed.

Completely replacing your slabs is an alternative approach but repairing with polyurethane is generally more efficient and requires less downtime. Why make a mess and put your dock or ramp out of service for many days when you can have them ready to use 15 minutes after a quick, surgical repair?

Generally speaking, polyurethane repair works with slabs that are still intact or have a few cracks at most. A completely shattered slab will most likely need to be replaced. If you have questions about your slab, call GCS at 678-337-8374 today!

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Stabilizing Showroom Floor Slabs

Do you own or manage a business with concrete showroom floors? Auto dealers, large wholesale stores, convention centers and other businesses need strong and floor slabs to function properly. Unstable slabs can put merchandise, customers and even ownership at risk.  See our two-part blog series on trip hazards and litigation risk...

Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 1

Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks - Part 2

Aside from trip hazards there is the larger danger of complete slab collapse if the voids underneath your floor are large enough. See this security cam footage from the National Corvette Museum for an example in action. Ownership was completely unaware of the large voids that eventually caused this showroom floor to collapse, taking all those Corvettes with it.

Ground Consolidation Services can level and stabilize sunken or rocking slabs, significantly reducing your risk. Even if you aren't noticing any immediate problems, it may be worth getting your slabs tested for dangerous voids lurking beneath.

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