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GCS Commercial-Industrial Slab Lifting

We spelled it out very clearly in our recent blog post Stabilizing and Lifting Factory Floor Slabs

“Uneven, sunken or rocking slabs in your factory can cause damage to vehicles/ equipment, trip hazards, worker/customer injury, liability risks, and in the worst cases – fatal accidents. They also indicate the possibility of dangerous voids or even potential sinkholes underneath the slabs. (Skeptical about sinkhole dangers? Watch this security footage of a sinkhole swallowing up cars at the National Corvette Museum.)”

If you didn’t watch that sinkhole footage the first time we posted the link, watch it now! Ignorance about the state of the soil underneath your slabs can be extremely costly.

GCS Warehouse Slab Repair

Rocking warehouse slabs can damage forklifts, which puts merchandise and even your employees at risk.  They are also a sign that dangerous voids may exist.  Sometimes rocking is caused by slabs curing incorrectly (a.k.a. “curling slabs”). We can fix that too. Read more about our solutions for rocking warehouse slabs.

Expose Hidden Soil Dangers with  Imaging and Testing

A couple of things that set us apart from other slab lifting contractors (aside from our highly skilled technicians and the top shelf lifting resin we use) are the soil imaging and testing services we offer. Why settle for guesswork about what’s going on underneath your slab or structure when we can verify the facts for you before we do any lifting work? Read more about our soil imaging and testing services.

Permanent & Durable Slab Repair with Polyurethane Foam

When light-weight material is being installed beneath your slab, you need the confidence that it is strong enough for the application. How strong is strong enough? This is a commonly asked question by property owners or managers that are new to slab jacking with polyurethane. The structural foams we use only need to be as strong as dirt, but they’re actually stronger than crystalline bedrock. Read more about the strength of the foam we use.

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