Commercial Slab Repair Overview

“Are sinking slabs or structures putting your commercial property at risk? Unlevel concrete parking lots, walkways, showroom floors, factory floors, warehouses, loading docks and more can adversely affect your property value and increase the chance of injury and costly litigation.”

– From our blog post Concrete Leveling for Commercial Properties.

GCS uses the Deep Look GPR system to reveal the full extent of soil issues causing your slab or structure to sink.
Sunken slabs or structures create trip hazards, liability risks and are often a sign of further damage to come if the problem is left unaddressed. Fortunately, they can be leveled with high strength polyurethane resin. In optimal conditions, slabs and structures can often be lifted to within 1/8” of their original level. Polyurethane slab lifting is much more efficient and a lot less expensive than demolishing and replacing the slab or structure.

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