Concrete Leveling at Ponce City Market in Atlanta

Ground Consolidation Services was called in to eliminate trip hazards at the popular Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta recently. There were a couple of areas of heavily traveled walkway that had settled over time to the point of becoming a trip hazard. The property management team was diligent in recognizing these issues early before repair became more invasive as well as more expensive. More importantly, they addressed the issue before any accidents occurred which would undoubtedly be followed by costly litigation. Oftentimes we see trip hazards removed by simply grinding down the concrete. While in the short term this may work it does not address the reason the concrete is sinking in the first place and eventually you run out of concrete to grind. Injecting our high strength polyurethane foam through the concrete via small 3/8 inch holes fills any voids, compacts unstable soil, and lifts the concrete back to its original position. Trip and fall lawsuits are a big business however they can be easily avoided with a little property maintenance. If you notice any uneven or sinking concrete around your properties give us a call for a free evaluation. We would love to help!

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