Concrete Leveling to Limit Liability Risk in Office Complexes

As mentioned in our two-part blog series, Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards and Litigation Risks

Concrete slabs sink for a variety of reasons.  The result is an eyesore and possibly a trip hazard that could – in a worst-case scenario – result in a serious injury, death, and/or a lawsuit.  Lifting slabs with polyurethane foam is safe, fast, and economical.

Property owners and managers should learn how to deal with these liability issues NOW with the latest concrete repair techniques and preventative measures.

If you own or manage an office complex, this warning should definitely be heeded.  The more employees there are walking around the property, the greater the liability.  A professional inspection of walkways, driveways, sidewalks, concrete parking lot slabs, and warehouse slabs is an essential part of maintaining a safe working environment.

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