Banner - Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization in Buckhead Village

Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization in Buckhead Village

Body - Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization in Buckhead VillageGround Consolidation Services recently completed another round of repairs in Buckhead Village for a large real estate management company. In addition to trip hazards due to sunken slabs, a geotech report provided by an engineer revealed unstable soil up to three feet deep in some areas underneath. GCS performed compaction grouting before the slab lift in order to stabilize the soil, thus addressing the root cause of the settling. Compaction grouting entails driving injection probes on a grid pattern to the required depth. In this case, the GCS crew injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 into the soil. This high-density expanding polyurethane foam fills any voids present and compacts the loose unstable soil.

Once the deep soil issues were resolved we could then inject AP Lift 430 directly underneath the slabs, gradually and precisely lifting them with the expanding foam. An efficient, surgical repair process like this beats ripping out and replacing a slab most of the time. Imagine having to remove all concrete and unstable soil, repack the subgrade, and repour new concrete. Which option do you think requires less time and money (by a lot)? We were able to hit several areas of the property over the course of 2 days with zero disturbance to the retail businesses. Trip hazards and litigation risks can be easily avoided if slab settlement issues are dealt with properly. Call us today for a free assessment!

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