Deep Soil Lift Under Driveway and Garage in Atlanta

GCS recently performed  a deep soil lifting job for a homeowner in the Decatur area.  The homeowner noticed separation between the brick veneer on their garage and the surface of their driveway.  In addition, the garage door was not closing completely due to a settled driveway slab.

The GCS crew performed soil testing which revealed deep soil instability.  The top 20 feet or so of the soil beneath the garage and driveway turned out to be unstable.  This particular problem called for the Deep Lift process.  We used Alchemy-Spetec’s Deep Lift 420 to lift and compact the soil, which also leveled the slab above.

The whole procedure was performed in half a day.  The garage and driveway were immediately ready for use and the garage door was working normally again.

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