Deep Soil Stabilization in Metro Atlanta

Unstable soil often causes structural cracking, cave-ins, and sinkholes.  Fortunately, soil can be stabilized, and water infiltration stopped with polyurethane resins. Once the soil has been consolidated and strengthened, any slabs or structures resting on it can be leveled if needed.

Sometimes soil issues occur well below the surface.  If the problem is five feet deep or more, then deep soil stabilization is required.  GCS technicians detect the depth of soil issues with a soil probe during the standard site evaluation process.   Further investigation is available via soil testing probes and ground penetration radar.

The deep soil stabilization process consists of injecting high strength polyurethane resin through long sections of hydraulic tubing.  Injection starts from bottom and the technician injects more as the tubing is extracted, creating solid columns of soil stabilization resin.

This process is also known as pressure grouting.  See the illustrations below…

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