Eliminating the Guesswork from Polyurethane Concrete Leveling

Polyurethane concrete leveling can be an uncertain process, more art than science…for contractors who don’t make the extra effort to eliminate as much of the guesswork as possible.  Who would you rather hire to lift or stabilize your slabs and structures – a mom & pop contractor who “goes by their gut” or a seasoned professional following tried and tested procedures?  In this post, we’ll examine the many ways in which GCS professionals eliminate uncertainty from the process.

Scanning & Probing the Soil

A couple of things that set us apart from other slab lifting contractors are the soil imaging and testing services we offer. Why settle for guesswork about what’s going on underneath your slab or structure when we can verify the facts for you before we do any lifting work (and show you the underground results AFTER we do the work)? Read more about GCS soil scanning and probing here.

Thoroughly Tested Procedures

When choosing a polyurethane foam slab lifting contractor, it’s important to make sure they have a thorough understanding of industry best practices. There are a great number of details to be aware of, but they’ve become second nature to us over time. Why? Because we care about your property and we train our crews accordingly. Our best practices of slab lifting cover all 3 sections of the process: Preparation, Lifting the Slab and Wrapping Up. Read all about GCS best practices here.

Only the Best Polyurethane

We’re proud users of Alchemy-Spetec high-strength polyurethane for concrete leveling and soil stabilization. Alchemy-Spetec products are designed by people who’ve worked in the field for years and know how much property owners depend on durable repairs. Alchemy-Spetec is known throughout the industry as a leader on the product quality front. We could skimp and go with a cheap supplier, but then we’d be hearing back from you down the road when the product failed. We’d rather do it once and do it right.

The Choice is Yours

There are plenty of concrete leveling contractors out there who…

  • Operate with very little awareness of what’s going on underneath your slab/structure.
  • Don’t bother to thoroughly train their crew.
  • Use cheap polyurethane that may or may not hold up over time.

While it takes more effort to avoid these pitfalls up front, we’re happy to put in that effort because we know that less guesswork is better for all parties involved.

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