Excessive Rain Creates Dangerous Voids Under Slabs & Structures

The Atlanta area, where GCS is headquartered, has seen record rainfall in the last 6 months.  Excessive rain can often lead to soil washout underneath slabs and structures.  The voids created by soil washout can lead to sinking or, in some cases, dangerous collapse of the slab or even the structure itself.

Properties with healthy and adequate drainage systems (French drains, catch basins, etc) are the least likely to be affected by heavy rainfall.  However, clogged drainage systems, improperly designed systems, or in the worst case – properties with NO drainage system, all pose a significant risk during periods of excessive rain.  If you have any doubts about your drainage system, contact GCS at 678-337-8374 and ask about our soil testing & imaging offerings so we can look for dangerous voids.

If we find significant voids, we can fill them with high strength hydrophobic polyurethane foam.  Hydrophobic foam pushes water out of the void and cures into place with a density similar to crystalline bedrock.  We can also use polyurethane foam to lift your slab or structure back into place if it has already begun to sink.

If your soil problems are caused by faulty or non-existent drainage, you will still have to correct that issue to prevent future instances of soil washout in other areas on your property.  But the areas we repair should be fine, as the cured polyurethane we use is extremely durable is not eroded by rainwater.

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