Filling Dangerous Voids Under Garage Slabs

Why Voids Under Garage Floors are Dangerous

We’ve recently been getting quite a few calls about a dangerous situation that is generally pretty easy to repair: voids under garage slabs.  Large gaps in the soil beneath the floor of your garage are a red-alert problem for variety of reasons:

  • Your garage floor is likely supporting a vehicle. We link to this video quite often, but it is very relevant here: click to view cars falling through a collapsing floor. You definitely do not want this happening in your garage.
  • Many people store valuable tools and equipment in their garage. How much did all your tools, your riding lawnmower, and all that other equipment cost you?
  • People are more valuable than any car or piece of equipment could ever be. Don’t put your family and friends at risk.

Signs You Might Have a Void Under Your Garage Floor

There are a few key indicators you should look for when trying to determine the stability of soil underneath your garage:

  • Are there cracks in your slab?
  • When you gently tap on your slab with a hammer, does it sound “hollow”?
  • Is your slab sinking?

If you find any of these signs in your garage, call GCS at 678-337-8374 for a free evaluation. (If you notice any of the above at the edge of the driveway near your garage floor, the void could extend under the driveway as well.)

The good news is that filling voids is generally an efficient fix. And you can use the slab in as little as 45 minutes after the repair job is done.

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