Filling Voids Under Slabs with Polyurethane

Silent Threat

Voids underneath slabs are a silent threat.  As you can see in the photo included with this blog post, soil can erode underneath a slab to the point where significant gaps occur.  If the void is visible, like the one in the picture, property owners and managers will become aware of it pretty quickly.  If the void happens to be at the center of the slab, or underneath an inside slab, it may not be so easy to notice.

Void Detection

Ground Consolidation Services offers void detection with the Deep Look™ ground penetrating radar system.  We can provide images of the area beneath your slabs to remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process.  A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate and lasting repairs.

Void Repair

Dangerous voids can be filled with high-strength polyurethane foam (and then the slab can be lifted if needed).  Ground Consolidation Services lifts slabs, stabilizes soil, and fills voids with the most efficient and durable polyurethane on the market.

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