GCS CEO Stephen C. Barton

Ground Consolidation Services CEO & Co-Owner Stephen C. Barton has been at the forefront of the concrete repair industry for over 30 years. Running concrete repair crews in his teens, developing breakthrough polyurethane technology in his twenties and helping grow the market ever since, Mr. Barton has been a leader in the field for most of his life.

Stephen is also President and Co-Owner of Alchemy-Spetec, the premier manufacturer of high-strength polyurethane concrete repair resins in North America. Ground Consolidation Services uses these products exclusively to ensure durable and lasting repairs for your valuable properties.

Mr. Barton graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. He also owned and operated a home building and land development business for 10 years. Mr. Barton lives in Atlanta with his wife Karin and their two daughters.

If you ever need to speak to the Ground Consolidation Services CEO, just call us at 678-337-8374 and ask for Stephen Barton!

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