Ground Consolidation Services: What We Do

Ground Consolidation Services lifts slabsstabilizes soil, and fills voids with efficient and durable high-strength polyurethane resin. Prior to the soil repair process, GCS uses the Deep Look GPR system to reveal the full extent of sub-surface problems endangering your slab or structure.

Concrete Leveling

Sunken slabs or structures create trip hazards, liability risks and are often a sign of further damage to come if the problem is left unaddressed. Fortunately, they can be leveled with high strength polyurethane resin. In optimal conditions, slabs and structures can often be lifted to within 1/8” of their original level. Polyurethane slab lifting is much more efficient and a lot less expensive than demolishing and replacing the slab or structure.

Stabilizing Soil

Unstable soil often causes structural cracking, cave-ins, and sinkholes.  Fortunately, soil can be stabilized and water infiltration stopped with polyurethane resins. Once the soil has been consolidated and strengthened, any slabs or structures resting on it can be leveled if needed.

Pressure Grouting

Unstable soil is a constant threat to structures and slabs that depend on a solid foundation. Some problems require compaction grouting (solid columns of grout), while other problems require permeation grouting (grout mixed in with the soil). Both types of pressure grouting provide lasting support for your valuable buildings and infrastructure.

Filling Voids

Undetected voids are a silent threat that can cause slabs and structures to sink or collapse without warning. Neglect can result in serious injury, litigation and even death.  GCS can protect your property and assets from these possibilities with the latest void detection and repair technologies.

Soil Scanning with Radar

The Deep Look wireless ground penetrating radar system uses a patent pending unique triple frequency antenna design to create the most accurate image possible of the area beneath your valuable structures.  Conventional single frequency antenna GPR systems cannot deliver the same level of clarity.  Ground Consolidation Services will use the Deep Look GPR to take remove all uncertainty and take the guesswork out of the diagnostic process.  A crystal clear understanding of the problem provides the best foundation for accurate, durable and lasting repairs.

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