How Constant Rainfall Undermines Concrete Structures

Rainwater & Erosion

Simply put, rainfall causes erosion. Erosion occurs when rainwater removes soil or rock from a certain location and transports it to another location. Erosion ultimately destabilizes soil and in extreme cases can lead to landslides and sinkholes. Rainwater erosion can also cause smaller scale issues such as sinking slabs, voids underneath your structure, or unstable soil that may at some point become a problem.

Repairing Eroded Soil

After investing money in the construction or purchase of a building, the last thing you want is for erosion to put your investment at risk. GCS can fill voids, consolidate soil and halt water migration by permeating the soil with the highly effective Alchemy-Spetec polymer resins we use. Once the bearing capacity of the soil has been increased with this process, then the structure can be lifted if necessary. 

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