Industrial Slab Lifting in Atlanta

Like most structures, large industrial facilities with concrete slab floors function best with stable soil underneath.  Owners and managers of these facilities have a variety of options when faced with unstable soil, sinking slabs or rocking slabs…

Do Nothing

The problem will grow and the longer you wait, the more expensive the repair.


The process will take several days, is often messy, and is typically more expensive.

Lift with Cement Grout

This procedure (known as “mudjacking”) requires heavy equipment, large drill holes and the use of weighty cement grout which may sink over time.

Lift with Polymer Foam

This procedure uses light equipment and material, small drill holes and makes less of a mess.  We use Alchemy-Spetec’s industry-leading high-strength AP Lift Foam for maximum reliability.

AP Lift Foam vs Cement Grout


100% Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Our objective is to minimize your downtime while ensuring a long term solution for your concrete slab. We are determined to create a customer experience worthy of referral.

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