Lifting a Garage Slab in East Cobb

This past week, a resident in East Cobb, GA reached out to Ground Consolidation Services about multiple cracks and settlement issues in his garage. Given that he parked his vehicle in his garage on a daily basis and used it to enter and exit his home, he was eager to get the slabs back in place. The GCS crew showed up for the appointment and inspected the entirety of the concrete slab. We observed that several sections had cracked, mainly as a result of poor compaction and seasonal freezing temperature fluctuations. To make matters worse, the cracked sections had sunk into the soil void underneath.

To repair the damage, we drilled non-invasive 3/8” holes through the slab and injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam. Once injected, the rapidly expanding foam compacted the loose soil underneath, filled in any remaining voids, and lifted the slab, curing to 90% in just 15 minutes. We also used a concrete polymer-blended material to seal cracks across the garage. The homeowner praised the GCS team for their speed and accuracy. He was even happier to have a level, crack-less garage!

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