Lifting a Sidewalk at a Shopping Mall in Buckhead

GCS is working with the Atlanta shopping mall Shops of Buckhead to solve settled walkway issues around that upscale property. In the picture included with this post, you’ll see a large sidewalk slab that has been lifted back to its original level. The surrounding small slab panels will then be reset to their original level by the property owner.

Stabilizing the Soil with Polyurethane

To get this large sunken slab lifted, we began with subsurface deep injections of Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 to stabilize and tighten soft inadequate soil. Probe spacing of 4-5 feet on-center proved to be more than adequate to densify the soil. Once the root of the problem was taken care of, we were able to move on to lifting the slabs back to a level that pitches water away from the building.

Lifting the Slab with Polyurethane

With the now stable soil being compact, we injected AP Lift 430 foam directly through the slabs via ⅜ inch injection holes. The slabs began lifting right away and the clients were not only happy the project was a success but really enjoyed watching the process unfold. It is always a good day when your customers are present and part of the excitement! Give us a call for a free assessment of any soil or sunken concrete issues. We’d love to help!

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