Lifting an Office Park Entry Slab in Norcross

Ground Consolidation Services received a call from a facility manager in Norcross, GA about an uneven walkway in a high-traffic office park entryway. He scheduled an appointment as soon as possible, well aware that potential trip hazard litigation could be costly.

The GCS crew arrived at the office park and immediately began the repair. We used Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam and super-easy Jack Attack System, specifically designed for manipulating small slabs. Once the slabs were injected with AP Lift 430 that compacted loose soil and filled any voids underneath, they were lifted back to their original level position.

The facility manager thanked GCS for lifting an enormous weight off his shoulders. Now he could get back to business without worrying about any trip hazards!

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