Lifting Concrete Parking Lot Slabs

Concrete parking lot slabs at convenience stores, gas stations, office parks, shopping malls, apartment complexes, schools, factories, and the ground floors of multi-level parking decks are all vulnerable to settling issues.

If you own or manage properties with concrete parking lot slabs, you would be wise to get the soil beneath those slabs tested on a regular basis.  Ground penetrating radar and other methods can reveal dangerous voids before any problems occur.

If any of the slabs on your property have already started sinking, make sure you understand the trip hazards and litigation risks you now face.  Injuries to customers, employees, and others from trip and fall accidents are much more likely with sunken slabs in your parking lot.  In addition, there is also the risk of vehicle damage.

Ground Consolidation Services offers free repair estimates for sunken slabs and a soil testing and imaging service for preventative measures.  Call 678-337-8374 to talk to a specialist today.

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