Lifting Sunken Slabs in Concrete Parking Lots

Commercial and industrial parking lots constructed from concrete slabs are very heavily used. Often, large trucks from shipping companies roll across them on a regular basis. Unstable soil beneath these slabs can cause them to sink, putting vehicles and employees at risk.

Even if sunken slabs aren’t visible yet, the potential for sinking is easy to spot. Soil stains around slab joints indicate water is underneath, being squeezed out and bringing soil with it. This is a sure sign of unstable soil, which very often results in slab issues.

Fortunately, Ground Consolidation Services can stabilize the soil underneath at-risk slabs and even lift sunken slabs back into place. It’s important to note that this type of lifting can be performed on concrete parking lots, but not asphalt parking lots. If your concrete parking lot has issues, call GCS today at 678-337-8374.

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