Loading Dock and Ramp Repair for Sinking or Unstable Slabs

Loading docks and ramps are often the most actively used parts of a warehouse. With heavy equipment and cargo traversing those areas on a regular basis, it’s not uncommon to see slab issues. Rocking slabs, cracked slabs and sunken slabs are common signs of soil and support problems. Ground Consolidation Services can detect dangerous voids or unstable soil beneath your loading dock and ramp slabs. Once detected, we can stabilize and/or lift the slabs as needed.

Completely replacing your slabs is an alternative approach but repairing with polyurethane is generally more efficient and requires less downtime. Why make a mess and put your dock or ramp out of service for many days when you can have them ready to use 15 minutes after a quick, surgical repair?

Generally speaking, polyurethane repair works with slabs that are still intact or have a few cracks at most. A completely shattered slab will most likely need to be replaced. If you have questions about your slab, call GCS at 678-337-8374 today!

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