Preventing Trip Hazards at a Local Atlanta Day Care Center

The owner of a local Atlanta day care center recently began the process of converting a lot by their building into a multi-use play court (basketball, volleyball, etc).  The first order of business was to repair the sunken half of the slab.  The concrete was split down the middle and part of it was a few inches lower than the rest. Naturally, they considered this a safety issue and made the repair a top priority.

After doing some research, the day care owner called Ground Consolidation Services for an estimate.  We provided them with a free inspection and repair proposal.  On the day of the job, we injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 lifting foam underneath the sunken part of the slab.  This high-strength polyurethane expands and cures to a density that rivals crystalline bedrock.

As you can see from the before and after photos included with this blog, the sunken half of the slab was perfectly even with the other half after we completed the repair.  The day care owner was thrilled to have a safe and level surface as a basis for the planned play court.

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