Put Your Homeowners Association Dues to Better Use with Polyurethane Concrete Leveling

Do you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association?  If so, you need to alert them to the dangers of unstable soil and sinking concrete.

As the humorous graphic included in today’s blog post indicates, neglected unstable soil issues can quickly consume your home improvement funds, and it won’t be a positive experience.

Ground Consolidation Services lifts slabsstabilizes soil, and fills voids with efficient and durable high-strength polyurethane resin. Prior to the soil repair process, GCS uses the Deep Look GPR system to reveal the full extent of sub-surface problems endangering your slab or structure.

– From the GCS blog article Ground Consolidation Services: What We Do 

The illustration below will give you a quick idea of how the polyurethane concrete leveling process works.  High-strength lifting foam is injected underneath the concrete slab to shore up the weak soil or fill the void.


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