Repairing a Sinking Garage Floor in the Atlanta Area

We recently repaired a sinking garage floor in the Atlanta area.  We’re going to break down the job for you in today’s blog post…

Sinking Garage Floor

There was a large void under the home owner’s garage floor.  It was 2 feet deep and 12 feet wide in some spaces.  This dangerous void was discovered when the driveway was torn out for replacement.  The garage floor itself was also sunken 3 inches in the center.

Garage Floor Repair

We repaired these problems by first injecting high strength polyurethane resin through the top of the slab to fill the entire void.  Once the void was filled and stabilized, we were able to lift the sunken slab to within a ¼ inch of its original position. The home owner was able to park their automobile in the garage within 45 minutes after the crew cleaned up and left.  Not only did this rectify a dangerous situation, but it saved them from having to replace the garage floor. The customer was very pleased and happily surprised at how far we could lift the slab. The entire job took about 8 hours.

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