Repairing Shopping Mall Walkways with High-Strength Polyurethane Foam

Shopping mall managers always have to keep the overall birds-eye-view in mind when it comes to doing their job. Needless to say, there are an infinite amount of responsibilities involved. One concern that should never be neglected is the risk of trip hazards. Walkway slabs can sink at anytime, exposing the customers to injury risk and the mall to litigation risk.

Sunken walkway slabs can be completely replaced, repaired with cement grout, or repaired with high-strength polyurethane foam. Replacement typically requires heavy equipment and takes quite awhile. Repair with cement grout also requires heavy equipment and can be quite messy. Repair with polyurethane foam injection is surgical, precise, and efficient. Polyurethane also cures quickly, so the walkways are ready for use almost immediately after the crew packs up and leaves.

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