Repairing Sunken Slabs in Convenience Store Parking Lots

Sunken Slabs Pose a Threat

Sunken slabs in convenience store parking lots create the dual risk of damage to vehicles and injury to pedestrians. The last thing any convenience store owner wants is litigation due to neglect of a dangerous situation.

GCS Can Eliminate This Risk

Fortunately, if your parking lot is concrete (as opposed to asphalt), GCS can very likely eliminate these hazards quickly and efficiently. Concrete leveling with high-strength polyurethane foam is a fast, precise procedure that requires less downtime and less mess than the alternative repair methods of mudjacking or slab replacement. “Mudjacking” with cement grout requires heavy equipment and creates quite a mess compared to efficient polyurethane foam injection. Ripping out and replacing the concrete requires heavy equipment and lots of downtime.

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