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Seawall Repair at Lake Oconee

Body - Seawall Repair at Lake OconeeRecently GCS completed a seawall repair job at Lake Oconee. Our customer was experiencing soil loss behind their seawall. In the summer months, Lake Oconee has quite a bit of boat traffic. This creates an effect similar to what is experienced in tidal areas where rise and fall patterns cause water to push its way through cracks, joints, and defects in the wall. As the water flows back out, it carries soil with it, creating voids and undermining the structure. This cycle is exacerbated during periods of heavy rain. In landscaped areas, evidence of soil erosion is often quite obvious. You’ll often see small sinkholes developing near the seawall.

In this case, the property owner had two options for remedying the situation:

Excavate and reconstruct the land side of the wall. Obviously, a costly and invasive process that requires a permit.  

Stabilize the land side of the wall and repair the seawall with specialized polyurethane (NSF approved for contact with drinking water).

Wisely, they chose option 2. A GCS crew injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Fill 720. This single component, water-reactive polyurethane resin is specifically designed for shutting off large water leaks and void filling around structures. We were able to get this project completed in six hours with no mess left behind. Our customer was thrilled and word spread quickly. We’ll be back out there soon for more work at neighboring properties. Don’t ignore the signs of soil erosion issues. Give us a call at 678-337-8374 for a free evaluation.

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