Slab Jacking with Polyurethane Foam – Overview

In countless regions around the world, many structures we build start settling or sinking sooner or later. Sometimes they sink very gradually with the evidence and damage showing up after a long period of time. In other cases, entire homes and roadway sections are swallowed up in minutes. These situations create serious problems for property owners and property managers.

Concrete Lifting is Often the Solution

Certainly, if your house or building has disappeared into a sinkhole, you will need a lot more than slab jacking. But if the issue is uneven concrete slabs, settling foundations, roadways, railways, or sidewalks, then these solutions may be for you.

Raising Concrete: Technology + Experience = Knowledge to Share

Ground Consolidation Services uses high strength polyurethane lifting foams for slab jacking and structure lifting. In addition to that, our staff has extensive experience fixing problems just like the one on your property. For immediate assistance, call us at 678-337-8374.

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