Slab Lifting for Manufacturing Facilities

Less Downtime

Downtime is critical when dealing with sunken slabs in any manufacturing facility. Every minute of downtime costs a great deal of money. You need a quick, efficient option that gets you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Less Mess

Heavy repair equipment and messy debris can be very disruptive to the production process in any manufacturing environment. You need the most surgical, precise option in order to minimize any interruption to your daily operations.

Three Options

You have a few options when faced with a sunken concrete slab:

  1. Rip out the slab and replace it. The main problem with this option is that your production in that particular area of the factory will be shut down for quite awhile during the repair process.
  2. Lift the slab with cement grout (aka Mudjacking). While this procedure can take less time than a full rip out and replace operation, it can be quite messy and disruptive.  Mudjacking requires heavy equipment and liberal application of cement grout, which can get splashed around a bit.
  3. Lift the slab with high-strength polyurethane foam. Concrete leveling with polyurethane is an efficient process requiring minimal equipment and crew. The foam cures so quickly (90% of full strength in 15 minutes) that you can usually resume use of the slab immediately after the crew has packed up and left.

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