Slab Lifting to Prevent Trip Hazards in Office Parks

Do you own or manage an office park with extensive concrete walkways?  Sunken slabs create trip hazards that pose a serious threat to pedestrian safety.  We’ve written about this issue in a variety of contexts already.  As this excerpt from our blog post Concrete Leveling to Prevent Trip Hazards & Litigation Risks states…

Concrete slabs sink for a variety of re  The result is an eyesore and possibly a trip hazard that could – in a worst case scenario – result in a serious injury, death, and/or a lawsuit.  Lifting slabs with polyurethane foam is safe, fast, and economical. 

Property owners and managers should learn how to deal with these liability issues NOW with the latest concrete repair techniques and preventative measures.  Read more…

Ground Consolidation Services levels concrete, repairs unstable soil, and fills dangerous voids with efficient, durable high-strength polyurethane resin. GCS also offers the Deep Look GPR system to reveal the full extent of sub-surface problems endangering your slab or structure.

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