Step Repair in Duluth, GA

We got a call from a couple who happen to be teachers living in the suburbs of Duluth, GA. They had discovered a challenge with the stairs at the front of their stoop. There was a gap between the stoop and steps measuring about 1 and a quarter inches.

Our experts at Ground Consolidation Services arrived at the scene ASAP. After inspecting, we observed that the steps had also rotated a little in the opposite direction of the house. The soil underneath the steps was unstable because of inadequate compaction during construction.

We began work on the steps by drilling small 3.8 inch holes, just enough for us to inject Alchemy Spetec’s AP Lift 430 polyurethane material through them. Other materials like cement grout would require considerably more space. The AP Lift 430 we injected gently raised the step back up.

We also used a mechanical jack system to manipulate the steps into position as part of the lifting process. We attached the jack to the step to apply pressure, forcing the steps to rotate back to their original position during the lifting process. We rounded up the procedure by sealing the access holes.

After the procedure, the stairs were level and in their normal position – in place with the stoop. The couple was very happy with the outcome. They were amazed at how we accurately returned the stairs to their original position in such a short time. GCS helped them to take care of a hazard and saved them time!

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