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Sunken Pool Deck Slabs – Causes and Solution

Body - Sunken-Pool-Deck-Slabs-–-Causes-and-SolutionCauses of Sunken Pool Deck Slabs

Sunken pool deck slabs are a very common issue. Pool deck slabs are typically poured on unreliable fill dirt. In addition, it is difficult to properly compact the fill right up to the pool itself. These factors coupled with the inherent amount of water around a pool (water that gets under the slabs through cracks and unsealed joints) cause the pool deck to settle. The slabs generally settle away from the pool, which separates them from the liner – posing more unwanted issues. Then there’s the whole trip hazard risk that comes along with uneven concrete slabs. Many a broken toe, and unfortunately much worse (more serious injuries, lawsuits), have resulted from unaddressed trip hazards around a pool.

The Solution to a Sunken Pool Deck Slab

Call Ground Consolidation Services for a free site evaluation. Our high-density polyurethane is injected through the deck slabs via ⅜ inch injection holes, the smallest in the business. The expanding structural foam travels the path of least resistance, therefore, filling all void areas as well as compacting any loose unstable soil. Once the soil is compact, the expansion of the foam creates the power to lift and recover the slabs. We also have proprietary jack systems to aid in mechanically manipulating the slabs as well. This process in most cases takes a half-day to complete. The alternative is to do nothing until the pool deck is so far gone that an expensive replacement project is the only option. Who wants that costly mess on their hands?! Avoid all that and let us help!

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