The GCS Advantage Part 3: Ground Penetrating Radar & Soil Testing

In this 3 part blog series, we’re taking a look at the 3 advantages to doing business with GCS vs. common alternatives you may find in the market.

These 3 advantages are:

  1. Using polyurethane vs cement.
  2. GCS best practices.
  3. Ground penetrating radar & soil testing.

In this 3rd post of the series, we’ll take a brief look at why our use of ground penetrating radar and soil testing provides you with a distinct advantage over the use of a common contracting company.

As we thoroughly explain in our previous blog post Soil Imaging & Testing, the use of ground penetrating radar and soil testing vastly improve the accuracy of the soil stabilization, void fill and slab lifting process. They also add an extra level of assurance for the property owner/manager, because imaging and testing can be done AFTER the repair process to demonstrate the extent of the work that was done underneath the surface. Take a moment to read through that previous post before proceeding. Now consider this…

Why would you use a contractor who can’t provide you with an objectively accurate picture of the problem AND the repair?  Do you want to rely on their guesswork instead?

We hope these last 3 blog posts have helped provide you with good sense of how we can make your repair process as painless and efficient as possible.

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