Top Three GCS Blog Posts

As of today, our top three blog posts also happen to represent a good overview of our services:

Filling Voids with Polyurethane Foam in Atlanta

There are many areas in which soil voids in and around structures may present a danger to the building and/or the people inhabiting the space. Sometimes these voids aren’t even noticed until damage has been done to the structure.  For example, a slab sinks after soil beneath it erodes away and forms a void.  Or a crack appears in a wall because the foundation is sinking due to voids in the soil that was once supporting it.  Pool decks can crack and large sections can sink due to voids appearing underneath.  This can cause a dangerous trip hazard for people using the pool.  Rocking slabs in a warehouse or factory floor can also be a sign of voids underneath. In all these cases, safety can be returned to the structures…

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Soil Stabilization in the Atlanta Area

Unstable soil can be defined as soil that will not stay in place on its own, and therefore requires extra support. It should be noted that unstable soil can threaten the stability, security, and safety of infrastructure and can damage, degrade, and even destroy a number of structures, such as buildings, bridges, and roads.

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Deep Soil Lift Under Driveway and Garage in Atlanta

GCS recently performed  a deep soil lifting job for a homeowner in the Decatur area.  The homeowner noticed separation between the brick veneer on their garage and the surface of their driveway.  In addition, the garage door was not closing completely due to a settled driveway slab. The GCS crew performed soil testing which revealed deep soil instability.  The top 20 feet or so of the soil beneath the garage and driveway turned out to be unstable.  This particular problem called for the Deep Lift process.

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