Void Fill Under Dining Room Floor in Decatur

Recently, a concerned homeowner in Decatur, GA reached out to Ground Consolidation Services about a busted water line beneath his dining room. As often happens this issue went undetected for a lengthy amount of time. A plumber had to cut out a portion of the concrete floor in order to repair the leaking pipe. As the homeowner suspected, severe erosion had taken place under the foundation slab, leaving a sizable void—as much as a 1’ in some areas. After the pipe was repaired, the concrete was replaced. But the homeowner shared a photo with us of the cut-out area in the middle of his dining room.

The GCS crew arrived at the house and conducted a thorough inspection via small drill holes in order to determine the exact size of the void. One possible option would have been to completely remove the slab and replace the concrete, a near-impossible task on an interior foundation slab. Instead, the team injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam through the slab through 3/8” injection holes, filling any empty space and compacting all the loose soil.

Thankfully, the GCS team was able to stabilize the soil and fill the void beneath the slab in just 1 hour. The owner was quite pleased.

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