Void Fill Under Parking Garage Entrance in Buckhead

Right before Christmas, the owner of a heavily trafficked commercial building in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA called in Ground Consolidation Services to fill sub slab voids in their parking garage entrance. Slab settlement coupled with cracking of the joint nosings led to the diagnosis. He was serious about getting the repair completed quickly. Cars needed somewhere to park!

The GCS crew arrived at the site and got right to work. We injected Alchemy-Spetec’s AP Lift 430 high-strength polyurethane foam through the slab, filling any empty space and stabilizing the entrance from any future settlement. The slab was also lifted back to its original level position.

Our experts were able to return the entrance to full functionality in just 1 hour, all while keeping the driveway open! The owner couldn’t have been happier.

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