Void Fill Under Pool House in Atlanta

Sometimes we run into situations where we just can’t reach a remote work site with our larger equipment truck, in spite of having over 200 feet of pump hose on board. This is where the PolyBadger mobile unit comes in handy. The PolyBadger, manufactured by Alchemy-Spetec, is a tough and compact mobile cart system for pumping polyurethane resin. With the pump, a generator, and a compressor, we’re able to perform a slab lifting, soil stabilization or void fill job virtually anywhere. This includes both remote outdoor locations and the inside of large facilities.

On this particular job we were called in by a contractor who is restoring a very interesting pool house in the upscale Atlanta area of Northside Drive. The pool actually sits atop and in the center of the pool house. During the initial restoration process, they discovered voids under the pool house foundation. Obviously, that was a concern to say the least. Once we got the PolyBadger set up, we made quick work of filling the voids with AP Lift 475, a high-density polyurethane foam. After a few short hours, we were finished and out of the way, so the restoration crew could start backfilling the area.

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