Your Source for Warehouse Slab Stabilization in Atlanta

Unstable Warehouse Slabs

The soil beneath warehouse slabs needs to be stable and strong on a consistent basis. Sinking or rocking slabs can cause injury and litigation risk that no property owner should have to deal with.  The good news is that you have a choice, even if your slabs are not sinking or rocking yet!

Warehouse Slab Repair

Ground Consolidation Services can detect soil issues beneath your slabs before any sign of trouble appears on the surface. Even if signs of trouble are already apparent, GCS can fill voidsstabilize soil and lift sunken slabs with high-strength polyurethane foam.

If you own or manage a warehouse, do NOT ignore the risk of injury and litigation that stems from unsupported, unstable or sinking slabs.  Call GCS today at 678-337-8374 for a free estimate.

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